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Obviously you are not the right kind of shit and as a result attract no flies. I would not be able to advise you as to how to try harder to become the right sort of shit because I have no idea how I became so attractive, TalkTalk CoughCough, but it sounds like you are not really up for the job in the first place unless your counter scripts, which appear not to, involve an extended discussion as to how to turn your computer on including the usual about power switches, lights, screen, cables and other such stuff. The opening gambit of "Fuck Off I run Linux" or "Go Shag Your Goat" are quite good for listening to lost connections but, should you be in the mood, you have to be more creative in order to have Microsoft Support spend a few hours teaching you a bit more about the intricacies of your operating system. I was amazed to discover that they bank with Western Union.

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