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Linux-loving lecturer 'lost' email, was actually confused by Outlook

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"Probably not but they do train each other, especially if IT doesn't make the effort to do so themselves.

I can't imagine why they think it's a good idea but it seems to have been something that's happened for years"

That's because the vast majority of companies don't do training after the initial HR H&S and Procedures induction. Especially in SMEs, which are the majority of employers. People *may* be shown how new kit works or new software works by the people doing the installation, but that's about it. But then the people who "know" move on and the new people are expected to learn by osmosis. It wasn't quite so bad when computers were first coming into the work place because no one knew how they worked, but even then, many learned by read the manuals (for you kids, they were paper books that told you all you needed to know). Nowadays, it's simply assumed that staff know what they are doing because "well, everybody uses computers these days"

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