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Linux-loving lecturer 'lost' email, was actually confused by Outlook

Ken Hagan Gold badge

No, but yes.

The solution is to expand the tree. That takes 1 click. The boffin does not know this and is strung out by "the rest of the IT dept" for a fortnight. Understandably he is a bit pissed off by the time anyone "from IT" shows up.

Our hero takes it on the chin but shows the 1-click solution. At this point it is clear to anyone with a brain that "the rest of the IT dept" are a waste of oxygen. The boffin acknowledges this immediately and later adds an apology once the adrenalin rush wears off. Kudos to them. The audience of other boffins presumably also note this. Our hero confines himself to a single snark.

I think everyone comes out looking pretty good except for "the rest of the IT dept".

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