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"While the "technical problem" was possibly just a stray mouse click, the show of rage was unprofessional."

No, no, no ... they changed the system from Linux to Windows, apparently, without adequate training. A boffin, in psychology, could not access his email FOR TWO WEEKS and you want the gentleman to remain calm? That boffin HAD REAL WORK TO DO, not dick around with pst files or take the piss out of the post doc because the bloke did not know how to create a shortcut ...

Go write published scientific paper on whatever, THEN, and ONLY THEN, have you have earned the right to be arrogant! You cannot, then listen, in your field of expertise, if all you know s how to troubleshoot Windows desktops, you can STFU, I can probably teach a random tramp more than you know about computers in less than a fortnight. Downvoters, welcome!

I love it when Window cleaners and Surface experts get on their high horses ... ROFL.

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