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Dear Register --- Careers Advice Column :)

"I annoy me when i see I.T departments running like that , when I know how *should* be done , but no one ever asks me to run one , just stay at the bottom and go along with the idiotic practices in place"

*Life lesson 1*.

No-One will ask !!!

If you think you can do better, push yourself forward and try to get a promotion up the tree.

Show everyone how good you are and win the promotions that are going.

Have a long term aim to get the job to run the Dept if you want to change things.

The higher up the chain you get the more likely your opinions will listened to ..... although there is no promise they will be actioned, depending on your Colleagues / Managers etc :)

If you are *really* stuck at the bottom, look at your options elsewhere to do the job you want.

Few people are given the opportunities they want, you have to fight for them !!!

This may mean you have to push yourself outside your comfort zone but it is all good.

The hardest part, particularly if you are naturally introverted, is to promote yourself but is the only way.

(Lots of very good but introverted people in IT, don't get stuck or put upon it's your career !!!)

Best of luck !!!

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