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Linux-loving lecturer 'lost' email, was actually confused by Outlook


Well some academics are decent, the education department was always polite and thankful for help. The comp sci department on the other hand thought they knew better about everything.........

Job after the uni I spent four years being the entire IT department for a small company which ended after I took a week's vacation to pack my grandfather's house up. During that time they had deleted one of the two admin accounts in quickbooks which broke the backup which was on the user's PC (not my choice.) The VP who I'd had issues with previously including threats to fire me DEMANDED the IT staff get a backup going. I had no email or internet for a week ($diety I miss Colorado.) I get back Monday morning and see all of the emails and write up instructions for the one person left who had admin access since she only showed up about twice a week and backed up the file manually.

VP walks in and immediately starts screaming at me and decided he felt he needed to swing at me because it was my fault the backup broke even though I'd been gone a week and had no admin access to quickbooks. Fortunately one of the other managers was there and pulled him away from me. Two days later I got a significant pay raise right before I put my two weeks in.

I should have probably filed an assault charge against him but was so glad I was out of there that didn't bother.

Sadly in Newt's case he got the fallout from someone else not doing their job. I don't take him as being overly snarky and it was enough with that professor to get him to realize he was being an arsehole, deserved or not. The user's frustration is completely understandable but sometimes you get users who blow up at the smallest things and can't verbalize what their issue is. In this case the IT department manager should have done his job rather than leave it lay around.

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