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Totally agree with the sentiment and BOFH is more true than non-IT people would believe!!! :) BUT being in the aforementioned ground state for too long does have a very negative impact on you.

If that is the state of your job, you do need to look at options to get out of the 'tarpit' now and again to replenish your sanity and get a balanced view of the Users again. IT support grinds you down eventually !!!

As has been mentioned the Users are there to perform whatever function that makes the company money and pays for your wages, you need to remember that it is quite possible that you would have problems if the tables were turned and you did their job, with their level of IT training. :)

It is always useful to try to learn more about the Users jobs and anticipate the problems by thinking like them. ["A mile in someone elses shoes !!!" so to speak.]

Keep fighting the good fight and if you must 'Bury the Bodies deep' !!! ;)

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