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Linux-loving lecturer 'lost' email, was actually confused by Outlook

Hey Nonny Nonny Mouse

Nah, I've done it.

had to enforce the emptying of recycle bin on exit, sent round *lots* of emails advising people, asking them to sign off that they'd read and understood it.

Got a shitogram from the MD's son because 'all my important emails have gone', said idiot was in the habit of putting all his read emails in the recycle bin but opened them from there if he needed to read them again.

I called him an idiot, in front of his dad and a few members of staff.

This was the same idiot who wrestled the advertising copy role out of the hands of a graduate who could read, write and spell to replace it with semi-literate drivel.

After three issues of the national magazine they spent a not insignificant amount on advertising with his father persuaded the graduate to 'proof read' all future advertising copy.


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