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I've cleared cache, cookies etc etc.....

We recently purchased a new tent. We only need one tent, it should last us quite some time. On all of my social media accounts, and browsing i'm constantly being shown a Berghaus tent I must buy, Amazon are the worst offender, it's amazon ads for tents every 10th post on (insert social media of choice). Similarly embedded on every site i visit for my morning news update. On personal devices this is fine, but I can't use adblockers on my work kit (for reasons totally unknown).

It's definitely not just cookie (etc) driven any more they *know* i've been searching various sites for tents, they just can't put the data on "he's looked for tents" and the data on "he's just bought this stuff (inc a tent) together.

Or more correctly they can put this data together but that would stop them charging various outlets for advertising tents at me,

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