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I'll assume irony. But it does raise an interesting point. One has to define 'best deal'. Does that always mean the cheapest? Do you buy from a dodgy site in China that's a penny cheaper, rather than the big site in the UK? How much is avoiding fraud worth? Ditto complaint handling. Ditto fast delivery.

'Best deal' involves many factors. Arguably you can go a stage further than looking at the 'best deal' for you for a single product. Does buying local at a small premium over the S.American river help you in the long run? That local business employs local people. Who spend their money locally in the corner shop/post office, helping to keep it open for the next time you want a pint of milk at 9pm on a Sunday. They have jobs in the area so will stay, rather then moving away to find work. The corner shop offers part-time work for your teenage kids, on the door-step, rather than them having to travel, (or just sitting at home on the X-Box). And when they go to Uni they have some decent things on their CV so can get a better part-time job, which means they can spend more time working on their degree, and ultimately get a better job so they can support you in your old age. See - it's amazing what the impact of buying that one pair of underpants locally can be!

Buying locally often appears to cost more, but in the long term means you are likely to live somewhere where people have jobs, and where a community can thrive. One estimate suggests that every £1 spent locally actually generates £8 of local expenditure before it ends up in the pockets of a shareholder in New York.

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