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FYI: Web ad fraud looks really bad. Like, really, really bad. Bigly bad


I think most of us realize that internet ads are bollocks.

BigCo buys online advertising to sell its product, SpecialStuff.

Googazon sells ads to BigCo, and makes much money.

SiteOwner leases ad space on his page, and makes a little money from Googazon.

BotBuilder makes crawler-clickers that never read or buy anything, rendering paid-for ads useless. But also making the ads more lucrative for somebody.

ShillBlogger writes, "Don't use an adblocker! Ads make the free internet possible!"

AdViewer is a human who hates ads, and loathes BigCo, Googazon, and SiteOwner for putting ads in his face. He will never buy SpecialStuff. He is building something large and dangerous in his basement. He has cracked at last.

Who is getting ripped off? And by whom? Who is lying? What is AdViewer making? Yes, what's he building in there? Tom Waits wants to know.

(Of course the YouTube video linked above starts with an ad.)

((And actually, yes, El Reg ads are pretty tame compared to many. Thanks for that.))

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