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Better understanding of and from NAZIS?

The nazis and other white supremacist scum did not travel to Charlotte to help anyone "understand" anything other than their hate, and had no intention of listening politely while those who disagreed expressed their views. They are beyond help, and Trump and his apologists claiming equivalence with the anti-facist protestors who met them because some of them were smart enough to show up prepared for the fight they knew the nazis would bring no matter what is disgusting.

I am happy to report that several of my friends who were Trump supporters from the beginning back when everyone thought Jeb Bush would be the nominee were so horrified by his statements yesterday that they disavowed him on Facebook last night. Unless what my friends did was an isolated incident, this is going to show up when polling for his approval rating takes this into account next week. I wouldn't be surprised to see him under 30%, and if he continues to stick his foot in his mouth like yesterday (which I hope he does, so no one can claim ignorance of who he really is) he'll drive that under 20% before long.

Not many republicans subscribe to his racist views, so the more he makes it clear what a sick man he is, the more he'll drive everyone away except the white supremacists. Any republicans who support him because he's "their president"....well, if he's removed from office via impeachment or the 25th amendment, Pence will then be "their president" and he won't say things that bring shame to the republican brand.

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