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I really don't see any truly international fleets happening a y time soon, particularly with Brexit parting us from the economic aspects of Europe. That alone could lead to some grudging cooperation.

Ah, we'd better pull out of the international fleets that we are part of then.

Europe will be wary of annoying us too much as they want to be able to continue to use the Northwood operations base. For reference, Northwood is the HQ of :-

1) Headquarters, Joint Forces Command

2) the Permanent Joint Headquarters

3) the Multi National Headquarters

4) the Commander Operations for the Royal Navy

5) the NATO Allied Maritime Command

This is not because it has a nice cricket pitch. It's because the cost of duplicating the C3 infrastructure there would be similar to buying a new aircraft carrier, and politicans in the EU prefer vote buying schemes to military spending.

Hence, nations in europe wanting to use our facilities such as the Northwood command centre, and get resupplied on operations by the Royal Fleet Auxilery won't be keen on upsetting us too much.

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