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"Onto being paid by the public purse, haven't you just dismantled the concept of UBI? I think it's flawed too, but I also think people aren't going to get paid to do nothing."

When there is nothing to do because all our desires are taken care of then we wont care will we? Before that point there will always be desires which need fulfilling. I am not convinced by a UBI because I am not sure how that could work.

1) If we have a minimum amount of income that everyone has why would the prices not rise to account for the new 'zero'? You want shelter? Hey look everyone has at least x amount (the new zero) and the same competition as before.

2) It cant work while governments bribe. The concept of a UBI is to provide enough to live on (which is different by region so will it stop migration?) yet people make poor choices. How many people spend all their money on getting blackout drunk and then complain they cannot afford basic bills? These people would have to be allowed their freedom to make poor choices without giving them more. Can you imagine a socialist leaning gov accepting that? Can you imagine a centre left party accepting that? Or even the right wing and pensioners? There is no hope.

I am interested to see how the experiment works in other countries first. If it does work and we can change government methods of bribing and not introduce a new zero then cool. But UBI does not create wealth. Any public money distributed out in any way is taken from generated wealth that is taxed. And assuming sustainability- the more public spending we have then surely the more wealth is being created. Otherwise we have an overspending gov who will leave us a big bill as proven almost a decade ago.

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