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It's a curse of lean manning*, it starts to look silly when you line the deck. As an example, the old Leander class frigates had a crew of around 260 so even subtracting the ones who had to be on duty for entering harbour there was still an impressive body of men for Procedure Alpha**. A T23 today has about 180 max and is ~1/3 more displacement so you start to have to compromise on where you stand people.

The carriers are 30 times bigger than a T23 with only 700 crew so until you get a full air group embarked it's going to look a bit sparse.

*This is designing a ship to need less manpower through automation, not making them all go on a diet.

**That's what the RN call it, it originates in showing you didn't have men below manning the cannons when entering a foreign port.

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