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RE: "Another thing is, the idea of re-training people (which many have already correctly identified as not being viable)."

Rubbish, you do not teach them the skills businesses need now you teach them the subjects you are targetting for the future and how to learn, same technique as employed by the countries that took the lead off the UK.

Why exactly should current business be any consideration they are the ones who are refusing to even train their existing staff without tax breaks and they are, afterall, mostly service industries trying to compete with countries without western infrastructure costs.

The fact is that selling services is going to be dead for the UK once we leave Europe, that last advantage of being on the inside of Europe is going and that puts us on an equal footing with the rest of the third world. No more quality immigration as the attractive education and health service is already on it's last legs, not even decent weather. The only immigrants we will get after brexit will be those that have already been rejected by everywhere decent to live.

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