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Intel CEO Krzanich quits Trump's Manufacturing Council over response to Charlottesville rallies

Lewis R

Truly amazing... My President should have known (how?) *exactly* what hate groups were to blame for the violence - on both sides, and not just one defending itself against the other. The fact that he gave a clear, measured response once again seems not enough for the peanut gallery.

Hate is wrong - on all sides. We should all, as members of a (hopefully somewhat) civilized society reject it and call it out for what it is. Limiting such outrage to only those of which we were immediately aware would be shortsighted. No doubt, when other groups were/are identified, he would be vilified for not including them, as well.

If these "titans of industry" are this thin-skinned, good riddance. We need people who are willing to take a stand and focus on the matters with which they have been tasked and not stand around finger-pointing because they've heard something not politically correct. Grow up.

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