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Re: Who does he think his customers are, if not employed people

I think you are missing the point, that without employment, there are no customers for any business. Wealth is created by moving money around, not siphoning it offshore.

Wealth is not created by moving money around. The only thing that happens when moving wealth (money) around is that, erm, the money is moved around, or "redistributed" in other words. Wealth is only created by the controllers of the financial system creating more money and releasing this into the public domain somehow. This is a simple process because these days almost all money is nothing more than lines in a database somewhere. If the rate of creation of this money is too high then it will trigger the devaluing of the currency however if the rate is too low then the parts of the financial system which accumulate the money will have too much and there will not be enough to go around elsewhere - which for everyone else is a very bad thing. Taxation is a governmental method of slowing down the accumulation (hoarding) of money and to push it back into the public domain through later expenditure.

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