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"Up until the 1980s a number of skilled blue collar jobs were in engineering manufacturing"

this has been happening since the industrial revolution.

a) banks had rooms full of "calculators", people who did hand calculations, then used adding machines, to tally up everyone's bank accounts. banks rarely make errors any more since digital computers, and all of those 'drudgery jobs' adding up numbers all day went byby.

b) craftsmen who made various complex machinery were replaced by assembly lines back in the 1800's. They became more efficient over the next century or so up until Ford more or less perfected the process for making cars.

c) The "buggy whip" and "horse carriage" industries virtually disappeared when cars took over.

d) ice delivery disappeared once everyone had a refrigerator

e) milk delivery mostly went away [except in certain neighborhoods] once the supermarket had a huge selection of dairy products at relatively low prices. [my mother had milk delivery when I was really small, but when Jordano's market opened up in the early 1960's, the milk delivery was stopped].

and so on. It's normally called "progress".

It means that we must either seek out jobs that are likely to be around in 50 years [less likely], _OR_ train ourselves well in "general skills", and be FLEXIBLE, constantly re-train [I do] and try to keep your skills on the edge of marketability. ADAPT and SURVIVE.

Some people call this attitude "Social Darwinism". Well, if it's good enough for NATURE...

(pirate icon because after all, I'm like a "privateer")

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