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"Universal Basic Income is the way forward i think."

NO. this is why:

a) if the MOST productive EMPLOYEE (I refuse to use communist-speak) _always_ gets paid the same as everybody else, WHAT is the motivation for being MORE PRODUCTIVE?

b) if the LEAST productive employee gets the same wage as every OTHER employee, what's the motivation for being MORE PRODUCTIVE?

c) If there's _NO_ upward mobility, _NO_ hope for earning more, _NO_ real hope for advancement of your economic situation by HARD WORK, TRAINING, or CAREER SHIFT, where's the MOTIVATION?

If you want a STAGNANT MEDIOCRE SOCIETY, then "subsistence wage" is your answer. JUST! LIKE! COMMUNISM!!!

Or you can do like me, earn as much as you need but charge what you're worth, so you have time to work on what you WANT to work on, besides earning money to live on, but don't go broke or live in squalor in the process. BUT if I were to work HARDER, I'd effectively earn "less per hour" [because, "progressive" tax rates], so why bother if I can't really get ahead by doing it? Why would ANYONE bother slaving themselves out and getting BARELY ANYTHING in return for the extra work?

THAT is why Communism fails. THAT is why "progressivism" fails. THAT is why tax rates need to be flat, minimum wages need to GO AWAY, and wages need to be driven by MARKET FORCES, and INDIVIDUALS have to take the reins of their OWN lives, and "feel the consequences" for both GOOD behavior (work hard, get trained, get educated) and BAD behavior (lazy, assume you deserve a living wage, don't bother getting training/education, live on the dole).

And yeah, I expect "good behavior" to get you economic rewards, and "bad behavior" to throw you out into the street. Unfortunately, those NATURAL forces are heavily weakened, and we are now where we are today.

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