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"do you think it better to have people get paid by the public purse to do something"

This reminded me of an interesting story of someone who went to India and saw a load of people digging with shovels to make a canal. He asked why they didnt just use an earth mover which would be much more productive. The answer being the diggers were the unemployed on a government work program. The answer being 'then why not give them spoons instead of shovels'.

Paid by the public purse assumes something of value paying into the public purse. The public purse has no value nor existence without something of value paying into it. The public system can take but it cannot give. Not a slur on the public system but a realisation that must be accepted to appreciate it correctly.

"I think you are missing the point, that without employment, there are no customers for any business. Wealth is created by moving money around, not siphoning it offshore."

No. Wealth is not money. You cannot eat money, sleep under money nor use it for anything but warmth by burning it instead of the many cheaper (in resources) things. The wealth is in producing what people want and keeping up with/defining new wants and desires. As much as we offshored work to China the best they could do was copy what we sent them, they dont create so much because it isnt worth it without intellectual protections, stability and the freedom to pursue desires.

There are always customers. People will always want to eat, drink and have shelter. In this country we also demand communications, entertainment, etc. Hell people pay over the odds so they can have a cup of coffee made for them. And we trade money in place of labour and we get money by trading our labour.

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