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"How does a consumer economy work well with a diminished number of consumers?"

Tell THAT to the idiots that keep on raising "minimum wage" and just assume that employers of restaurants, janitorial services, and mom+pop shops that just need "someone to help out" have _INFINITE_ piles of money to throw at hiring people.

A wage is an exchange of money for work. If the work is not worth the wage, then NOBODY will be hired to do it, and ROBOTS will do it instead. That's the whole point.

I'm just glad someone at El Reg had the GONADS to write the article, even though it's like "Captain Obvious" to many of us...

And to answer the question: In many ways, diminishing the number of consumers does NOT help a consumer economy. So _I_ say, allow people at the low end of the wage scale to be paid what they're worth, not what some GUMMINT DWEEBS "*FEEL*".

And for everyone who disagrees with me, just ask yourself this: why do so many teenagers and young adults have a HARD TIME finding part-time (or even FULL time) work without prior experience? ANSWER: MINIMUM WAGE HIKES.

(and it's not a "living wage", it's an "entry level wage", for people without experience who do low-skill tasks and if you have a "career" earning only minimum wage, YOU need to do something about it by getting training, education, experience, whatever)

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