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My quesiton:"What acts of corruption has President Trump committed?"

Your response. "What about starting with "I and my team have no connections with Russia" and taking it from there?

"Or are you simply helping to spread false information?"

1. there is zero evidence to date of want to talk about connections...come on. I'm talking about a charge of breaking a US Law...and your reaching by using "connections".

2. Again where is the violation of a US Law? I hope you don't believe everything you hear/read on the internet....dude take certain things with a grain of salt or verify it yourself. Hillary lied about the video and Obama lied about "keeping your doctor" The FACT is unless they are under's not a crime to say what you hope will be the case.

You have not provided any evidence of corruption or violation of US Laws.

You really are debating from a weak position....but you can feel free to critique my writing if that makes you feel better.

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