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The idea that Henry Ford paid his people more so they could buy his cars is nonsense.

However, his employees effectively became employers of the people whose goods and serviced they were able to purchase, and so on down the line for a very long way. It would go on for ever, but there is a tax that bleeds away the benefits with each layer of interaction. If the tax rate is high, then there are very few layers. This is the legendary "equality" sought by the left, who view "working for others" as degrading.

I am not aware of their views on working for robots. However, I suspect robots do not engage large numbers of employees to serve them burgers and fries, or clean their windows, and their sexual needs are probably met by sexbots (its a guess). (The robots needs, not the left's ... wait ...)

The ultimate goal of the Left will result in a completely failed economy (See Venezuela).

The opposite, is the right's view: "You have the right to be a slave".

Clearly the most attractive for most people is somewhere in the centre. However, the masses prefer extremes - so long as its the opposite of what we have now! (Bikers may recognise "tank slapper" syndrome.

The solution to this is partly damping (a political system where no one has much power) - additionally additionally, you need an outside force that favours mediocrity - generally not hard to achieve. This is why the UK system is one of the better ones, and attempts at improvement tend to make it worse.

The alternatives look like Venezuela or North Korea.

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