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"'We're not in the business of employing people'. And it struck me what a tiny mind he must have."

Actually he is right. It is the same problematic thinking that makes people think a large public sector is not a drain because the workers pay tax, or that an employer is good for employing lots of people. The more people you add the more it costs and the fewer people to do other things.

At one point we would almost all (about 90%?) be working in a field for a lord and literally be working to live with little else in life. I am very grateful not to spend my days out in a bloody field from sparrows fart to pitch black. I feel sorry for those in countries who still do.

The idea that Henry Ford paid his people more so they could buy his cars is nonsense. If that was his customer base he would have been bankrupt. We all have needs and wants, and the less we need the more wants we find which is where the customer comes from. There are always desires and so always demand for someone who will fulfil the desire.

Personally I am glad we outsourced a great deal of agriculture and low paid manufacture. If we didnt I expect I would be dead in a field or dead trapped in some machine working for a pittance and with none of the comforts we take for granted.

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