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Tax the firm not the tech.

If we could make sure $BIG_CORP paid the tax it owed, at a reasonable rate that doesn't permit it to steamroller smaller competition, that would be a good start. Add to that enforcement of environmental responsibility, a living minimum wage (i.e. no need to be topped up by tax credits, etc), and keeping their grubby fingers out of politics.

The elephant in the room is that even with all the advances in productivity, tech, knowledge, and all the rest... We're backpedalling in living standards and politics. Food banks and homelessness on the rise, house prices an utter piss take. This situation is getting worse and is neither natural nor accidental.

Where's our 4-day week, Universal Basic Income, and personal jet packs with friggin' laser beams? Call me paranoid if you want, but I get the feeling the world's uber-wealthy just might not be running the economy for the good of all mankind.

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