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Too late Amazon

I got the notice, but I had already looked at the Sun, can I still sue? Of course, all they say is they didn't get any documentation from the seller, NOT that your glasses are actually defective. I went with ones with an American flag on them. I think Chinese law prohibits cheaping out on products with an American flag on them.

My shades seem OK. I can't see anything through them but the sun. Last time I got the chance at an eclipse was in middle-school. But the clouds ruined the experience. I bought the shades through the school that time, and oddly enough, sometime later, I was able to see even normal house-lights through them. Do they just go bad over time? Or were the standards just so lax in the 90's?

Anyway, Amazon is only listing a few products now (and some unrelated products, maybe fix your search Amazon). And of course the prices have sky-rocketed to $5-$10 a piece or more. Almost seems like this was intentional, refunding the $5 you spent on a pack of 10, and telling you you better buy a new pack of 10 for $99 or you'll burn your eyes out.

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