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No two humans are the same, not even "identical" twins. Every person looks different, thinks different, lives to a different age and behaves differently.

The old concept of Nature versus Nuture is finally settled. It is NATURE. The genes determine who we are. Nuture is of course important, no question there. Genes are far more important.

Genetically men and women are different. There is no way to change that, even with gene editing. The human brain has hundreds of genes that must be involved with intelligence. So far we have been able to determine that maybe 50 or so are involved. That is not well confirmed. There are clearly some important differences between men and women.

One in particular is the ability to perceive colours. It now seems that at least some women may have a very unusual ability to see colours that men cannot see. It is gender specific. The stereotype of women always being more sensitive to colours than men is not a stereotype. It is science.

Tetrachromacy Allows This Artist To See 100 Million Colors

This also applies to everything that has to do with the brain. I am currently doing brain mapping at the local university. I have access to hundreds of medical records and am able to see it with my own eyes. I have working on this project for nearly a year and my work is close to being done in this area. The professor I work with has been showing it at conventions in Europe. The post grads are using my posters for conventions here. I have created 3D videos complete with sonification to assist those with poor vision.

I studied computer science and psychology at UC Berkeley. I have done medical engineering including mammography. I have worked with many women for many years. There are very clear differences between men and women and especially how they think. This not a bad thing as I very much prefer how women approach most difficult problems. While it is different for every person in medicine it is always about averages.

There are areas where women are better. There are areas where men are better.

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