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I received a notice

I bought ones coming from a company that was listed everywhere as being one of the trusted ones, and it wasn't fulfilled by a third party. Now I'm not sure if I should use these or not, but it is probably too late to get other ones in time unless I got to a store - and if buying a reputable brand from Amazon isn't good enough, how would I tell which ones to get at Walmart, for instance?

I think I'm going to go with my original plan - not looking at the sun through the glasses for more than a couple seconds at a time just in case, and being mostly interested in looking at the fully eclipsed sun without glasses. I've seen partials before - without glasses I might add - so that's not really something I care about. I want to see the full eclipse and see the corona and stars! You don't wear the glasses for that part anyway.

Of course that assumes it isn't going to be cloudy. No point in driving a few hours Monday morning if that's the going to happen, so we're kind of playing it by ear. At least if I don't get to see the eclipse I've been refunded for the glasses. I wonder who is eating the cost, Amazon or the manufacturer? I think I know the answer to that one...I forsee a future article about companies suing Amazon appearing on El Reg later this year!

Hopefully we won't read about a lot of emergency room visits the next day from people who have seriously damaged their vision, and all this worry is over nothing.

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