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Here's a nice technique that worked for a partial eclipse, I don't know how it would be for a total one.

Get a rear view mirror out of a dumped car, including the swivel bracket if possible. Snap open some disposable razors and get four blades. Use masking tape to stick the blades (sharp side inwards) onto the mirror so that you leave a small diamond shaped portion of mirror exposed. (about 1/4 inch across) Mask off the rest of the mirror.

The idea is to reflect the eclipse though an open window onto a white wall. Ideally you need a North facing window and all other openings with the blinds down. So bang a wooden post into the ground about 25 feet from the window and screw the mirror bracket onto it. You can then swivel the mirror to get the projection through the window. The image of the Sun will be about 18 inches across and looks cool. No safety glasses needed!

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