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The Next Big Thing in Wi-Fi? Multiple access points in every home

Paul Lahaie

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet.... but the absolute last thing I would ever want is to give my telecommunications provider yet another vector to try and monetize things that are basically free.

I can just see it now:

Internet service with Wireless Mesh (5 clients/shared 1TB data plan) - $199.99/mo

Every additional TB of data - $49.99/mo

Every 10 additional clients - $4.99/mo

MU-MIMO Support (Premium) - $9.99/mo

Legacy Device Support (B/G/N) - $4.99/mo

All Meshed networks will also be available for them to use as their mobile signal, so you're up to 250Mb service will sometimes be lower because we are reselling the bandwidth you are already paying for to other customers (I know the modems are over-provisioned to help offset the 3rd party usage... but DOCSIS isn't able to deliver the full bandwidth to every customer -- during Netflix Primetime, my 26MB/s turns into ~ 12-18MB/s -- they'll fix it when they get around to doing a node split)

And next will come DPI on your internal wireless network, so they can make sure you're not ripping off any of their media properties (or any of the other members of their cartel)

Let's give the absolute worst behaving companies (as far as serving their customers) in the world even more ways they can control your interaction with the network. It took them a few decades, but they will manage to turn the Internet into their modern X.25 data network. So they can monetize absolutely every aspect of every interaction on it (you know, monthly access free, data charges, hourly rate, extra for "premium" sites)


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