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Almost as important as blocking ads themselves is the ability for adblockers to selectively eliminate whatever elements I want it to. There's all kinds of crap getting in the way... autoplay videos in the lower right corner, "chat with our virtual assistant" nags, floating share-button containers that expand to content-blocking size when I zoom in on the page enough to make the text easily legible... the annoyances are legion even when the ads are gone. Being able to hide any element is simply necessary to make the web tolerable.

I have a separate addon for removing those obnoxious "This site uses cookies" messages that every single site on Earth now has (thanks, EU, you sure solved that problem). Since the cookies the site warned me about will be gone within a few minutes, the site won't remember that I've been there before (you might get the idea that this was the point all along!), so naturally it has to warn me that it uses cookies again, and again, and again.

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