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Political correctness...

(man watching screen)

We interrupt our regular programming for a special report from the politically correct census bureau...

(people wearing shirts with "It's all their fault" arrows pointing out both sides)

... Whose latest analysis of the population concludes that everyone is equally a victim of something today. This means that blame is out and personal responsibility is IN.

(people dancing in the streets)

The P.C. age is officially OVER and a new era of common sense has begun! Independence of thought, opinions and speech is the rule of the day! When someone says something you don't like, TOUGH...Deal with it! It's time to wake up!!

(man talking to psychiatrist)

Then, unfortunately, That's when I wake up doctor...

(psychiatrist answers)

...sniff.... It's such a lovely dream.... Tell it to me again...


Note: Cartoon theme by VEY, image not shown, not registered as literary work.

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