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I agree. I think there is an underlying issue with people not wanting or, in a great many instances, not being able to pay for the information available on the Internet.

Peoples wages or salaries haven't kept up with the cost of living for about 40 years. Now, I know some of you make lots of money, but for most people the truth is that if their pay was equal to said job, or its rough equivalent, of 40 years ago plus realistically calculated cost of living increases (gotta watch that part as governments have been know to change how that's calculated to make the figures look better) they'd have more money. Then in terms of being able to pay for services or information, whether specialty magazines or other, there'd be less issue overall.

It seems that these large corporations that have worked so hard to subvert the taxation system over the last 40 or 50 years are paying the price through their own success and, as usual, we have to pay the price. Business as usual. :)

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