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"Only if you assume a symmetrical distribution. Much as almost all of us have greater than the average number of fingers on our hands, I suspect the great majority of drivers are above average."
A lot depends on which average you choose to promote your prejudices. By definition, 50% are above the median and 50% below.

Interesting read I had a couple of weeks ago that I can't link to; it's behind a paywall. I can't access it again either because my free trial subscription expired. Basically, here in Oz, women in STEM earn about the same as men (within 3–4%). Reportage in the MSM compares women's earnings in the public service with men's earnings in private enterprise to maintain the fiction of greater income disparity.

Also, and this is interesting, women now outnumber men in several STEM occupations traditionally male dominated. More interesting still, the greatest income disparity is in the female-dominated occupations such as nursing and it's in favour of men.

FWIW, when I was an employer I showed no favour; women were paid exactly the same as men for the same work. I had a personal preference for women, not so much because of their sex, but because they were more reliable. Men would often outperform them, but were much more prone to not turning up for work and that was a royal PITA.

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