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Google and its terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week in full


Yeah, OK.

Everybody gets their 15 minutes to feel downtrodden, and angry about it. Beyond that, show some factual evidence of discrimination -- beyond hearsay, anecdotes, personal whinging, internet memes, and fantasy, that is.

I suspect no one, I mean no one, is better at coding Linux than Torvalds. And if you had a workgroup composed of all Linus Torvalds, I'll bet blood would flow and work would suffer. I believe a heterongenous workgroup is stronger and more able than a homogenous one.

Workgroups need builders, menders, leaders, water-boys, glue, and a lot of other personality types. Men and women, conservatives and progressives. Mint-flavored and pineapple-flavored. Some grown-ups, some creative kids. Etc. Any good manager has this figured out.

The chatter about this Google-bro is very boring.

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