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From my somewhat outsider's perspective on Silly Valley, it appears that institutional problems at Google are mirrored widely in the many organizations there. Plus one other issue I would add about Silly Valley is they focus excessively on the 'latest and shittiest' not on making something work well even if it is few years old. Part of this is their tendency not to hire older employees who would likely bring more maturity and definitely some battle scars with some wisdom they learned over the years. Some of this maturity is the realization that change for the sake of change is stupid. They are more apt to ask more fundamental questions about purpose and want a sounder answer than it is the 'latest and shittiest', Questions like what problems are you try to solve and what is the best way to solve them.

Uncle Bob Martin noted that in the old days all of the original IT staff were professionals who wondered into IT mid-career. They were more settled and mature and had plenty of work experience to bring to problems. These old-timers knew the business problems and understood that part of the solution was using a computer but part of the solution was making sure employees knew what they were supposed to do with or without a computer.

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