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Men and women are different

It is time to face up to a very simple fact. Men and women are not the same. They do not think the same way. Much of this is determined by the amount of testosterone they are exposed to during development before birth. Women have testosterone, just not as much as men. It varies quite a lot. This has a direct impact on how the brain develops. It is a very powerful neurochemical.

It has very little to do with intelligence although the female brain is slightly smaller on average. Forebrain size does have a mild correlation with intelligence. However brain size is strongly correlated with brain plasticity, the ability of the brain to repair the loss of neurons with time. It is like having spare parts.

It is my experience teaching people how to use computers that women are far better at understanding the operation of computers. They LISTEN when they are given instructions. They do not jump to false conclusions about how it will work. That is why in every office there are even now women that are running the show behind the scenes. The man in charge dictates something.

The woman then must create the actual communication to others. She must clean up the messy verbiage and make it somehow readable. The woman is the one that must somehow try to prevent misunderstandings and major problems. It sure would be nice if we could prevent the trumpeter from doing a swan dive.

There is far more I could say but there is one very simple thing. Men are the killers in history, not women.

Also, you will never see this with women:

Naked Men holding thier balls in public

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