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"That isn't a failure of the software wot Bob wrote. But it could easily be a failure of the accompanying documentation."

Since when do users bother to RTFM? It's just SO much easier to whine and bitch and moan. Heck, they don't even bother to press F1 to read the context-specific help, or the prompts on the status line. "It's too hard!" THOSE are the snowflakes, and they're not just millennials. Plenty of boomers.

Or they read it but still don't understand. Like one place I worked where everyone else (including the boss) thought that merging code was handled automatically by svn every commit, so they would make a commit to fix a bug, and someone else (or even they themselves if they had the same file open in multiple sessions) would then commit the same file that they had pulled before the bug was fixed and "hey, how come the bug is back?"

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