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Ah, but I only said OK to this because I know that more and more browsers come with a a built-in animation stop :).

What pisses me off are paid-for sites that still advertise but the worst are sites that feed ads based on IP geolocation. I travel and I really don't enjoy foreign language ads for crap I'd never use wasting my bandwidth.

So it gets blocked.

I also use video less and less - unless it's about graphics it usually has a very low information density. News, for instance, will take 15 minutes to discuss something that I can read in under 20 seconds in print. Same data, FAR less time, and it's then made worse by having to sit through the same f*cking ad for every clip (yes BBC, I'm talking about you) - I now use a UK VPN when I feel I want to watch any of the site videos and even that is now declining because they. still. insist. on. using. Flash. Not all of it, but it's still happening too much.

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