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No. If it really cared it wouldn't leave the lock unusable for days or even weeks. It would have paid for a local locksmith to provide a same-day service to replace each customer's lock with some temporary arrangement and then replace that it in due course with the official replacement - if the customer still wanted the official replacement.

I doubt a local locksmith would have a unit similar to the ones knackered by the update, and a temporary replacement would therefore likely be just some common conventional lock. The lock is still functioning as a conventional lock anyway, and given that the company is willing to send out a replacement first, you're not gaining anything by having a locksmith putting a temporary lock in. With only a short window where you have your AirBNB guests holding a physical key (the replacement lock will have a different one), I don't see that as a huge problem, and if you, as an AirBNB host, see that differently, then by all means arrange for that yourself

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