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Past events

There is a lot I could say here. I will not though because I do not wish to reveal my true identity. I wish I could post little online pictures from other sites so I could edit my copyright notices for my off time graphics work. I have thousands of those pictures that are no longer online anywhere, not even my server. No way do I want to overload my server. I was getting over a million hits per year for my pages. I still get very many for other sites that run on it.

It has to do with me working for a very big company where the bottom level management was normally one work assisting manager per ten or so workers. Back in the 1990s they gradually reduced that to 1 per 100, slowly increasing everybody's work load. It was to the point I was working an average of nearly double the usual work hours on a regular basis.

I finally gave up and had a meeting with H R assholes. I put my voice recorder in the middle of the table to make sure any threats would be recorded. I still have that record. Shame I cannot post audio.

It did not turn out well. I gave them six weeks notice that I was quitting. I sent my resignation letter by registered mail, Fax and e-mail to six top level managers.

I heard nothing. No reply at all. One month later I attended a major computer show in Vancouver. I dropped into the office to see see some people and ask why they did not reply. Everyone I spoke to was very surprised that I was QUITTING???

They had no clue. I showed them the receipts for the registered mail. Apparently they thought I was just joking or something. Maybe everyone thought that someone else would deal with it. Zero corporate communication happening.

Then after I quit I had to fight them to the point of nearly hiring a lawyer to make them pay my fully vested pension. They also tried to ignore all my banked vacation time. I had to threaten them legally. They finally gave up just in time. I beat the dot com bust by just one week since I took the money and put all of it in the dollar only.

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