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Oh Homer

"Most people won't pay for content..."

... because most of it is not worth paying for.

It seems that Content® manufacturers can't take a hint, even when it's flashing in ten-foot tall neon lights.

Really, how stupid/arrogant do you have to be to think that replacing a compulsory payment method (paywall) with an opportunistic payment method (advertising) will magically make your precious Content® more desirable?

Shockingly, it turns out that people only bother looking at mediocre Content® because it's free. As soon as it stops being free, or imposes some other unacceptable restriction that can't be circumvented, they lose all interest in it.

I don't suppose Content® manufacturers have considered the possibility that maybe they should be producing something that's actually worth paying for, then charge for it, instead of whingeing when the junk they leave out in the open is only partially read, skipping the adverts.

Sorry but no, you will not force me to read those parts of your freely published Content® that I have no interest in. Ever. Period.

Want my money?

Sell me something worth paying for!

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