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Excellent idea. I see others think so too.

It could literally be called The No Ad Fund (but with a snappier title!)

It could run along the lines of the PRS. Interested sites join. Number one condition of joining is NO ADS, which could be modified to allow agreed major or niche charity ads.

Money is then distributed as your share of total fund /number of views. You'd still need the software to detect click farming, etc.

It all reminds me of the joke about PRS Distribution. When asked that bearing in mind there were so many members, so many places in the world to collect revenue from, and so much difficulty working out who had what airplay, how did they manage?

They replied that a large percentage of members had earned no noticeable royalties.

Then they divided the fund into two halves.

Then they spent ages working out who should get what out of the first half, and distributed it.

They were then asked what they did with the other half.

That's the easy bit ; we give it to Paul McCartney.

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