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My mother

My dear mother only believed what she saw on TV. Anything I (or most anyone else) told her in person was suspect unless verified by TV.

A few years back, a local TV station did a "test" relating to the TV broadcast frequencies in the US being changed and told you if your screen turned red during the test, you wouldn't be able to receive TV without a converter. My mother got her TV via cable, so the change in broadcast frequencies had NO effect at all on her, of course. However, the test was defective, and her screen turned red. She was all a-twitter about what did she have to do so she would still get TV after the change. I told her, no, you don't need to do anything because your signal is over cable. I'm no engineer, but I have enough technical background (and she knew it) that I thought I would have at least some respect from her. Nope. The TV said she had a problem, and therefore, she had a problem. She argued with me for hours, getting more and more desperate as she feared she would no longer be able to get TV. She just refused to believe I knew what I was talking about.

A couple of weeks later, they came on the TV and said the test was defective and did a new test, and this time her screen went green instead of red, which was supposed to indicate she had no problem, as she didn't, of course. So now, since the all-knowing talking heads had weighed in on the matter, she accepted that her TV would continue working.

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