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Informed Consent

There's a law that says that we can't hack protections put in place for media. Remember? the DMCA. So, why do companies get to hack us? Huh? Anyone worked that out yet.

I have no problem with a site not serving content when ads are blocked. That's their right. So detecting ad blocking isn't a problem for me. But shoving ads down our throats... come on! Why don't marketers understand the animosity and hate that wells up when abusive advertising practices are in place. Do companies really think it's a good idea to create a population that will go around saying how disgusting they are?

Ultimately, this comes down to the rules of a deal. Both parties must consent to what is exchanged. If I make it clear that I don't want to be tracked and don't want advertising, then don't serve me content if you don't like my terms. That's the way exchanges are supposed to work. If we don't agree, then no deal. But, hacking a way to ram garbage down our throat against our consent is not in the spirit of the free market.

Companies that buy these abusive services need to wake up. They aren't really getting anything that serves them. And, if we cannot make these services illegal, then we need to repeal the DMCA. Hacking past what someone consents to is not a fair and just deal.

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