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Several popular home electronics outlets

A while back I had two zones in my house for A/V, configured via a cheapo Chinese HDMI switcher that allowed two zones to have any one of four inputs. This allowed me to watch my sat / PS4 in the kitchen whilst the missus could have BAke Off etc in the main room. Worked a treat, domestic bliss ensued.

Queue my amp blowing up and me thinking my shiny replacement needs these two independent zones built in. A bit research online was more difficult than it should have been so leather was trod and I hit the high streets. An all too common interaction went along the lines of;

Them - 'Can't be done mate'

Me - 'Why's that then?'

Them - 'You need a distribution amp as HDMI can't work over those distances'

Me - 'But I'm doing it now. With a cheap 10 quid box and a 12m HDMI cable'

Them - 'Nope it won't work. Besides those amps don't exist, both zones have to use the same input'

Suitable amp eventually tracked down and installed, all worked a treat (and continues to do so today over a longer run again in the new house).

Honestly, so many places and not department stores but so-called specialist AV showrooms, the names of which would be well known by those on here.

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