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I remember that I stopped using Yahoo as a search engine (circa 2000 to 2001) and moved to Google because I got sick of the X-10 pop-under ads. (#)

Obviously there were other improvements once I started using Google, but I don't recall having been in a rush to switch until I was actively pushed away by that.

Once away, I never came back, except for occasional use of throwaway email accounts. They still love to throw shite like autoplaying video in my face using a contrived excuse like my inbox or junk folder being empty, so here's some sub-You've-Been-Framed toss you might like to watch. (Or rather, you're being given it to watch, you're not being asked- any wonder I still rarely visit Yahoo?)

(#) Remember those? Ads for home security systems (i.e. for catching burglars) that for some reason always featured scantily clad women.

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