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I once worked a long time ago as freelance tech support for a small firm the most challenging thing was normally dealing with the staff who refused to listen to common sense. Anyway one day I discovered that they had some software they used for producing bills which the MD thought was brilliant. They had been licensing this for ages and then one day someone called me and asked if I knew why the ability to produce invoices for an entire project had disappeared. I waded through the manuals and found out that it had never had that functionality. What it did have was the ability to produce an invoice something I thought was easily replicable in Excel with a bit of thought. I told them that sadly this feature had never existed you could only do one invoice at a time and couldn't link them to produce an overall bill. To do this would mean doing the calculations yourself and then producing a new invoice. Unimpressed I'm told that the feature was there previously and that I was wrong.

I spoke to the MD and explained that this software was only doing something that could be done in Excel quite easily and would save them the expense of multiple software licences. No it does clever things like working out a total price based on the quantities required, and "Prints our logo at the top of the page". I explained that the software lacked the ability to link invoices so that you could cost a project/client with ease seeing what was left of the budget etc. I told them that if this was required functionality I could write an excel workbook template that would do just that and could produce a running total of client/project spend as well as individual invoices. Don't bother I'm told - the [overworked] accountant looks after that side of things. Which I checked and they did along with paying for everything and doing tax/VAT returns and easily the hardest working member of the company.

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