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Patreon (or some other equivalent if you don't like it and can find one) is the only way to go. A low three-figure sum should not be particularly hard to reach; if you can't even do that much then maybe what you do is of not that much interest after all, and you're doing the online equivalent of vanity book publishing, in which case you're quite welcome to support the entire cost yourself. If it does work, you're also welcome to note up-front that you won't be expanding even if you end up netting five-figures a month (as if...) - most people will understand, and these things tend to somewhat self-regulate anyway - I'm much less likely to join supporting a creator already making five figures a month than another one struggling with two or three. If some people still complain after that, blame your thin skin not them - there will always be people complaining, welcome to the internet and the 21st century. Sane people don't publish Youtube videos then complain that "people are mean" in the comments any more than try shouting at the tide...

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